Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why are Elite Funerals & C.C.C.'s prices so much lower than others?
A: Elite Funerals & Cremation Center of California is entirely owned by members of the Elite Funerals & Cremation Center of California, and does not have to pay stockholders or corporate management in a distant city. We also have a low overhead , which allows us to pass down the saving to you the consumer. 

Q: Is it necessary to come into the office to complete arrangements?
A: No, everything may be handled by telephone, fax, or mail, but of course you may come into our office to complete arrangements. We are available 7 days a week. (We don’t mind taking a trip to come to you)

Q: How long does the process for a simple cremation take?
A: We will respond and immediately transfer remains to our facility. It general takes a week or more to process the necessary documentation with the attending physician, coroner, and county health department. After this is completed the cremation can proceed, and it is generally takes 2 weeks after the death occurs for the ashes to be available.

Q: Can this process be sped up?
A: Yes it can, but additional fees must be paid for rush handling.

Q: How long does it take to receive certified copies of the death certificate?
A: Once a death certificate is signed by the attending physician, the mortuary then files it with the county health department who then produces the certified copies. This whole process usually takes around 2 weeks to 30 days.

Q: How many copies of the death certificate do I need?
A: They are needed for handling the financial affairs of the deceased. Typically a certified copy is needed for bank accounts, stock certificates, life insurance, clearing title to real property, etc. Once you have determined how many you need Cremation Center of California will order them for you.

Q If I receive the ashes from you, what are they placed in, and what can I do with them?
A: The ashes will be placed in a plastic utility urn at no additional charge. You can take them to a cemetery, keep them at home for temporary storage, bury them at sea 500 yards off the coast, or scatter them on private property when no prohibition exists, and you have written permission of the property owner. The ashes may also be divided up, but each set of ashes must have a "Permit of Disposition of Human Remains."

Q: When can I speak with your office?
A: For information, please call our office seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We are here always not matter the date, day or time.