Funeral Service Options


We focus on meeting the individual needs of your family in an effort to help lighten the burden of the present and foster a sincere hope for the future. We believe the families should not have to jeopardize their financial safety, or have to borrow money in order to pay for a funeral.

Level of Commitment

No Families financial situation is the same, most Funeral Homes offer Packages that may or may not meet a family’s budget.

We will take the complete budget of each family and come up with a service plan that will exceed their expectations.

Funeral Services

  • Direct Burial

  • Viewing & Direct Burial

  • Memorial Service 

  • Graveside Service

  • Viewing & Graveside Service

  • Funeral Service and Cremation

  • Complete Funeral Service

  • Traditional Funeral Service

  • Memorial Service (Casket Present Remains Not)

  • Funeral Service & Ship Out  (Other States or Out of County)

Cremation Services

  • Direct Cremation

  • Cremation With Urn (4 Urn to Choose From)

  • Cremation Scatter in Rose Garden

  • Cremation and Burial

  • Cremation / Scatter at Sea (Non Witness)

  • Cremation / Scatter at Sea 10 Family Members

  • Cremation / Scatter at Sea 25 Family Members

  • Viewing & Cremation

  • Funeral Service & Cremation

  • Cremation / Graveside Service

  • Cremation / Funeral / Burial Service

Returning the Remains


You will be notified when you may pick up your loved one’s remains. Cremation Center can ship remains within the united states for an additional charge (Signature Required) Arrangements for hand delivery also may be arranged

Scheduling the Services

When the Death Certificate has been certified and all required paperwork from the family is received, we schedule the cremation/services. Typically it is completed within a few days after the paperwork is finalized

Death Certificates


Based on the information provide, we submit the death certificate. It requires the Doctor’s (or Coroner’s) approval prior to filing. NOTE: it may delay the process if the doctor does not use the online system or does not respond quickly.